School of Language, Literature & Culture Studies
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The School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies has been set up to impart core competence in languages, both Indian and foreign, and study literatures of various societies in a comparative context with an eye to their contribution to knowledge systems of the world. While art and aesthetics will occupy positions of importance in the pursuit of literary studies, literary texts will also be used to study issues of gender, caste, race and processes of exclusion and marginalization in society. Interdisciplinary studies of literatures will enable students to comprehend complex philosophical and psychological problems related to contemporary societies.
Language studies have a significant role to play in sensitizing students to the close reading of the texts, providing entry points to interdisciplinary areas such as comparative literature, culture studies and translation studies and disseminating values and world-views that are compatible with the task of building a secular and modern nation. Against the backdrop of globalization, English and other foreign languages function as link languages between nations of the world, and provide medium of communication among scientists, technocrats, managers, social scientists, media personnel,  writers and commentators.

The School will have courses on Indian languages and their literary traditions. Comparative study of literatures and Translation studies will form prime areas of research studies in the School. In course of time we intend to introduce courses in Culture Studies that will include academic programmes in Performance Studies, Media Studies and Film Studies.

All the programmes in the School follow Choice Based Credit System. Students are encouraged to audit courses outside their core subject areas in order to cultivate interdisciplinary approach to the study of literature, language and culture.

The School currently has the following centres:

  1. Centre for Comparative Literature and Translation Studies (CCLTS)
  2. Centre for Diaspora Studies
  3. Centre for English Studies
  4. Centre for German Studies
  5. Centre for Hindi Language and Literature
  6. Centre for Studies in Chinese Language and Literature
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