National Education Policy (NEP-2020)

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Education is the most pivotal force not only in transforming the body, mind, spirit and character of learner but also it plays a termendus role in the nation and society building. National Education Policy 2020 aims at addressing the socio-cultural, linguistic and economic diversity and pluralism of India by providing quality, equitable, affordableand holistic education to the people of all the startaof Indian society. It will equip the young generation Indians to face and bring successfull and effective solutions to the new changes and challenges of the rapidly growing and changing interconnected world of the 21st century. The new realities and issues of the 21st century very strongly, fervently and robustly require the crisscrossing and integration of the disciplines to effect any resolution or solution. NEP 2020 focuses on holistic, multidisciplinary,interdisciplinary, integrated, experimental, learner-centred, discussion-based, flexible and enjoyable curriculum and pedagogy to equip the young generation to build the 'New India' .

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